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About me...

FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST NAME: Nefedov Denis Wladimirovich. Year of birth 1979, Russia, Samara. Concerns: rhythmic electronic music of a type Prodigy, I love Rap music, sometimes (is very rare) it would be desirable to listen Pops to music, from films like: comedies, such as "Dump and Dumper ", " a Naked Gun ", cool hits and fantasy (Aliens, Terminator, Star Wars etc. etc.) and certainly beer. Without it anywhere.... The love to drawing, to be exact to copy  began from the  childhood. In art school caught two days! Much later (in 6 or 7 class at the scool) has taken a great interest in a photo. The maiden Russian videoes the tape units ВМ-12 at this time have appeared, and films by a large scarcity, I from a screen of the TV set photographed on a blck and white film pieces from Another's, Robocop and Terminator. My first computer Pentagon 128 then has appeared, drew on a BASIC, the truth anything shocking has failed, but steps of the maiden animation I have acquired. Finally I have left from mind(wit) after film ""The Lawnmower Man". One friend of my father has told, that it is the computer-generated image and say there, in America there are such games in a nature. All!!! It shocked me!!! The small factfinding has shown, that the approximate level the schedules(charts) in computer is possible(probable) on компьтерах a IBM, but in the beforehand prepared inserts. The Wolfenstein 3d, DooM, 7th Guesth games, have caused(urged) me клянчить mine maiden (as we then spoke) IBM. It was 386SX. After that, computer-generated image and I, become the combined terms. Yes.... Here there were times! Well and when has become absolutely adult (has ended school and has acted(arrived) in institute) is again sunken in childhood and starts(! by the begining of) to draw. Specially at lessons of maximum mathematics, the teacher frequently asked me why I have not acted(arrived) in humanitarian institute? Simplly to me on all наплевать then was! I played in Quake. Played and played, played and played, and then it wanted to create that be, what moved.... Long "ковырял" Quake III. So my maiden SMALL POT, for this game has appeared, and it is not enough of polygons in of such model.... Here I also has taken a great interest 3D MAX. The maiden skills for me already were the ambassador досовской 3D Studio, but they a little than were useful, because all interface was changed in МАХ'е. By simulation of all these monsters from films (liked(favourite), Another's looked 1000000 times probably) was took more recently..... Interestingly to me all this up to жути. And characters from all these films, such native. To whom it is necessary? - you ask. Well of time you here, it means to you: -)

P.S.. And my present dream, it to work in this orb with the professionals to study for them, to create beautiful computer special effects and movies......

With the best regards 
Nefedov D.V.





This site is created for demonstration 3d models on different subjects from my favorite movies:

the characters, engineering, facility and other.....


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